[Out of the Box] JOJO ABOT

2018 has been dripping with Black Excellence since the clock struck midnight. The arts have been affected in a way that can only make me smile and laugh in outright delight. So much of music, film, and traditional art has seemingly hurdled us into a new Black Renaissance, and I’m just overwhelmed with the glory … More [Out of the Box] JOJO ABOT


[Out of the Box] Schrödingers Cat -閉上眼的大樹

Last week I was trolling around online and stumbled across this little indie Chinese band, Schrödingers Cat. And we all know that I love post-hardcore music and shoegaze, so the second I heard them start to play, I basically fell in love. It’s not a music video, but it is the audio from one of their … More [Out of the Box] Schrödingers Cat -閉上眼的大樹