[Out of the Box] Mndsgn

Today I’d like to take you outside of yourself for a second, let you experience what it feels like to see your own psyche as you float above yourself. (Yeah… sometimes I get a little deep, but you all love it, really.)

What I’m talking about is music that truly transcends the limitations of what you can conceive, what you understand about a particular genre and makes you just want to… reach out into the ether and grab onto a wisp of imagination. Ringgo Ancheta, known most commonly by his artistic moniker Mndsgn, is a treasure and a half. As part of musical pioneer and walking encycolpedia Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stone Throw Records, Mndsgn is one of those artists that makes the incredibly complex remarkably simple. The goal is simply to create gorgeous music to get lost in.

Please, please, please check him out. Be prepared to be bent out of your mind when you do.

Stones Throw Records


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