[Out of the Box] — Joyce Wrice

You know what I love? When artists that share a label or just a similar aural aesthetic recommend music from artists they also love. Such was the case when one of my favorite producer-cum-artists, Mndsgn, recommended Joyce Wrice on his Instagram.

Joyce’s voice is just so light, such a magical sound. Effortless, lovely. Listening to her sing about love makes you wanna believe it can happen to you. Even more powerful is when she puts her heart into expressing the heartache that comes when the one you love doesn’t feel the same way.

She’s been around the scene for some years now, acting as a background and feature vocalist for artists like . She’s talked about how she struggled in the past to find her voice, to really find where she belonged on the musical spectrum. It’s a fear that kept her from stepping out there for the first time. While she’s always looking for ways to push herself, I can honestly say I’m glad she found a way to open up. Her voice has an understated power, a soothing eloquence that’s as grand as anything but as simple as her subject matter.

Please check her out. She deserves the world and so much more

You can find out more about Joyce Wrice at:
Official Website


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