Yoon Mi-rae — “No Gravity”

Queen Tasha, released a special clip for her latest single, the first of 2018, “No Gravity.” On the heels of a special performance she did for Dingo Music and the release of the official audio, she brings us this intimate interpretation.

Backed by a band of talented musicians, complete with a cellist, pianist, guitarist, and DJ, Tasha showcases everything we all know and love her for: honesty, raw energy, perfectly herself. The song is simply beautiful, a piece of music that doesn’t insist upon itself, rather just floats as easily as her voice houses her lyrics.

No one ever questions her skill as an MC. But at least for me, it’s always surprising and pleasantly unexpected just how wide her range is as a vocalist. What’s so shocking is how absolutely effortless she makes it seem. She’s never bothered, never pushing for a single note. Tasha just has this amazing way of delivering a song that leaves you both impressed and breathless. Her lyrical and emotional depth make her unquestionably one of hip-hop’s most intelligent and emotionally open artists. With “No Gravity,” Tasha explores that poetic depth with all the care and love of a painter.

Simply gorgeous. But what else do we expect from our Queen?


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