Cy Recommends – A-Fuzz

If you think I’m focusing a lot on women in the first part of 2018… you’re right. You’re absolutely right. And what a group of kick-ass females they are.

I’m just gonna dig right in on this one. A-Fuzz is one of the stankiest, jammingest band of women I’ve heard come out of South Korea. It’s a known fact by now that South Korea has a long-standing love of blues-rock, and the artists who’ve sold their soul at the Crossroads for the ability to do it as well as they do must’ve paid a hefty price, because DAMN!

Now, these ladies…? They rock harder than most blues bands I’ve heard come out of the country, in fact most new-age blues bands I’ve heard come from the States, Europe, or anywhere else. It’s not an exaggeration. They’re grimy, rough, and some of the most dyed-in-the-wool musicians. I first ran across them when the Electric Muse Twitter account posted a video of this band and members of Julia Dream doing a rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic “Higher Ground.” (Though to be fair, they credited their version to Eric Clapton.)

It was like being born again.

The power, strength, and sheer brilliance of that performance made me a forever fan of this girl power power quartet. A lot of that has to do with Queen Jinny Kim on lead guitar. She’s ferocious, and she makes it seem like child’s play the way she slaps at the guitar. Just… you’ve got listen to this band. Save a life!

You can learn more about A-Fuzz on
Official Website (Warning: The site automatically plays music when the homepage loads)


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