Tobias Dray (feat. Junny) — Call This Love

So I suppose for the sake of getting in the “Holiday Spirit™” it’s only fitting that we post a video about the all-mighty “L” word: Love.

In that vein, I came across this MV from my now favorite “K-pop” (and I use that term loosely in this case) channel, WE LOVE KPOP. Those familiar with Cy Recommends will know that many of my recommendations came compliments of this particular outlet.

Today, for all the lovers out there, they posted the music video for “Call This Love,” a collaboration with French producer Tobias Dray and R&B/hip-hop artist Junny. The song itself is comprised of all the things I love about modern R&B: a slowed-down broken beat, sticky syncopation, well-placed filtering, and emotional vocals.

Though there are parts of the composition that I’ve grown wary of in terms trends in the genre, it’s meant to be a song to express the insecurity and uncertainty of love, and in that aspect it certainly succeeds. And anyway, what’s more romantic than a jaunt around Paris?


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