[Out of the Box] SingerSen

Today’s Out of the Box is a bit of a throwback. Several years ago, coming on six years now, a friend of mine introduced me to an artist making big noise in China. When I checked her out, to say I was blown away would be doing her an injustice. SingerSen is a pixie of a woman who has a voice that could (and no doubt has) topple mountains.

Not long after my first exposure I became utterly obsessed with her, as tends to be my pattern of behavior when I encounter an artist that completely rearranges my stars. Her unbidden passion, the raw wildness of her voice reminded me of another mythical nymph: my beloved Björk. So it’s really no surprise that I fell madly in love with Sen and everything she’s done.

I suddenly felt the urge to listen back to her first (and only) album, The World In My Eyes, and the biggest wave of nostalgia hit me. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t heard anything from her since its release. Hers is a talent and a voice that I sorely miss and that the world could use much more of.

SingerSen is pure magic, a piece of something mystical that you only hear about in fairy tales. If you’ve got a moment, give her a listen and find out what it’s like to have your entire existence repurposed.

You can find out more about SingerSen at:


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