[Out of the Box] JOJO ABOT

2018 has been dripping with Black Excellence since the clock struck midnight. The arts have been affected in a way that can only make me smile and laugh in outright delight. So much of music, film, and traditional art has seemingly hurdled us into a new Black Renaissance, and I’m just overwhelmed with the glory of it all.

One of the artists I just found out about through this new wave of Black perfection came compliments of one of my favorite artists, ?uestlove. The Roots Picnic is fast approaching, and the musician and producer has been hyping all the artists on his social media like nobody’s business. When he shouted out this artist I damn near threw my phone across the room.

JOJO ABOT is a Ghanaian musical and visual artist living in New York with a twist on the culture that should make you want to stand up and cheer. Her sound can only be describe as… outrageous. It’s boisterous, irreverent, honest, powerful. Both in her art and in her music she expresses a freedom that is inspirational. I was damn near giddy when I first saw her video for “ALIME,” and things just got better from there!

JOJO ABOT is a phenomenon, a spectacle of the highest order. Meaning she grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go until she’s completely and utterly demolished you. Visually she’s one of the most powerful artists I’ve seen in years. Musically she’s brash, unapologetic. Fearless. She’ll tell you herself that lack of fear wasn’t easy to come by, but she’s fully embraced her excellence and dares anyone to even attempt to dim her glow.

If you manage to make it out to the Roots Picnic (coming June 1), you must experience JOJO ABOT for yourself… then hit me up and tell me all about her!

You can find out more about JOJO ABOT at:

Official Website


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