Cy Recommends – CIFIKA

With SXSW just around the corner, it seemed pertinent to introduce readers to some of the artists invited to this year’s festival. 2018 is looking to be even bigger than previous festivals, “K-pop Night Out” taking on the more apt “Korean Showcase,” thus allowing for a wider range of festivalgoers who may not be all that interested in the “pop” side of “K-pop.”

First, I want to get into this woman here. CIFIKA is a powerhouse of an artist. She has an unbelievable ear for nuance and her creative musicality has made her one of the most sought-after producers in Korean music. She’s definitely caught the eye of some Korea’s most interesting artists, such as JUSTHIS, Paloalto, and most recently Oh Hyuk (frontman of band Hyukoh). While she’s definitely an amazing producer, when she gets down and dirty in her own music.

When I first heard CIFIKA (you guessed it, compliments of WE LOVE KPOP and their penchant for promoting indie R&B and hip-hop), it was truly love at first listen. Her style is equal parts experimental and infectious. At times dark, at others sensual, there’s something deeply weird and wonderful about the way she puts sounds next to each other, their proximity at once pressing in on the listener and giving them room to move in ways they may be too timid to in public.

CIFIKA just freaks me out she’s so damn talented, so damn in tune with herself and the self inhabiting her sounds. She holds nothing back and isn’t afraid to create something that will just twist your understanding of the world around you. I honestly can’t wait to be in the same room as this brilliant artist come mid-March. For those who see her on her US tour (the longest US tour by any Korean act), let us know how you feel about seeing her live!

Find out more about CIFIKA at:


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