K-Concerts in North America

Here, I’ll try to keep a running tab of who is going to be performing in North America and when. I’ll do my best to keep up to date information on all genres. (not just K-Pop or just Korean independent musicians)  If you know of current concerts that I haven’t heard about yet, let me know.

SXSW is upon us again, and we have a full list of the Korean Indie artists attending:

Big Phony

Drunken Tiger & Yoonmirae

Galaxy Express

Glen Check

Luna Lee

Neon Bunny

No Brain

Windy City

XXX (Kim Ximya/FRNK)


2 thoughts on “K-Concerts in North America

  1. Welcome to the community! You may want to glance at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_K-Pop_concerts_held_outside_Asia which often has upcoming K-pop concerts posted by many fans, much to the chagrin of non-Kpop loving editors and WP rules….Some are posted and taken down by other WP editors – if you click the View History, you may find some that were added, then deleted.

    I look forward to your updates!

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