Finally, after having to wait a few weeks, the official music video for SAAY’s latest single “COLD VIEW” became available on YouTube Stateside.

Everybody knows how I feel about SAAY. Her voice just… sends chills up my spine, as cliché as that is. But it’s true. Something like a cold wind creeps up my backbone whenever she delivers a line. There’s so much heart-wrenching soul in that small body. When she sings about heartache, about the pain of trying to say I’m sorry without having any sort of indication that her one-time lover reciprocates or even cares, you know she’s been there (or at least she knows how to give a damn good rendering of someone who has).

The MV is simple, SAAY walking around what appears to be a deserted beach covered in a thick fog (no doubt the haze of her insecurities and the uncertainty of her current relationship). The occasional lamppost guides her as she makes her way across the sand, moments when she has to collect her bearings, fight with memories of past fights, of attempts at reconciliation that never quite panned out.

It’s a gorgeous music video, making the perfect home for this tender love-lost lament. I honestly will never be over the power in SAAY’s vocal delivery, and the simplicity in every video I’ve seen from her makes it easy to continue to love what she does.


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