Cy Recommends – SAAY

Anyone who knows me knows I have an affinity for big voices. And while South Korea certainly isn’t lacking in talent, after a while hearing the same type of R&B just becomes… blah. However, when multiple members of clube$kimo hype up one singer in particular, trust I’m going to take an interest. Of course it helps when my newfound YouTube favorite WE LOVE KPOP blows up her spot as well.

Friends, when I tell you I was lifted…!

Now you want to talk about gifted?! SAAY’s got a talent that I just wouldn’t have expected to come out of South Korea. Granted, there are plenty of R&B singers and even more big voices. But this…? SAAY’s voice has got some “HALLELUJAH” on it! The kind of voice that turns pretty people ugly with the amount of stank face it illicits. She’s got that Sister Shonda singing lead in the Jubilee Choir at First Baptist Church voice! And I don’t say that lightly.

She and clube$kimo just wrapped up their first ever US tour together, and my soul pretty much descended into a pit of despair because I wasn’t able to see them anywhere. However, if you did get a chance to see her, or if you’re just looking to add some honest-to-GAWD vocals, please check out SAAY and get your life right!

You can find more about SAAY at


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