SAAY – Circle (feat. Tish Hymen)

*sigh* Okay.

The thing is I am addicted to sexy women with huge voices. One of the biggest and most vicious I’ve heard coming out of South Korea is R&B artist SAAY. Now, she hasn’t released a full-length album yet. Most of her music is on her Soundcloud, waiting for people to just chance by and lose their ever-loving lives to her vocal majesty.

So when I saw that she was releasing a song with one of my new favorite singers, Tish Hyman, another woman with a powerful voice and even more powerful presence, my soul about ascended to the great beyond, leaving my body a husk walking around on the earth wondering what the hell just happened.

I can’t say much. After listening to the song I was rendered speechless — as most of SAAY’s music did to me when I took my first listen. The video is… imagine the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen and drape it in black-and-white and candle wax. “Circle” is the type of tune to leave you feeling a certain kind of way. The video is a visual representation of exactly what that way is.

Just… just watch it, okay. For me. Hell, for yourself!


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