Love X Stereo — Zero One

On Valentine’s Day, Rock N’ Seoul favorite Love X Stereo released “Zero One.” The song is the main theme for the film of same name, directed by Nick Neon. While the music video is simply shots of lead vocalist Annie Ko interspersed between scenes from the film, the song itself has a terrible poignancy that’s … More Love X Stereo — Zero One


SPACECOWBOY Returns with Moody Track “Rain”

As you all recently found out, I’ve got an immense amount of love and adoration for SPACECOWBOY. His brand of electronica is more than just the sum of its parts, really. There’s always a story there, always something deeper nestling under the surface. With his latest track, “Rain,” he bridges the gap between his electronic … More SPACECOWBOY Returns with Moody Track “Rain”


Finally, after having to wait a few weeks, the official music video for SAAY’s latest single “COLD VIEW” became available on YouTube Stateside. Everybody knows how I feel about SAAY. Her voice just… sends chills up my spine, as cliché as that is. But it’s true. Something like a cold wind creeps up my backbone whenever … More SAAY — COLD VIEW