Love Wins with Hyukoh’s “Love Ya!”

The wait is over! Hyukoh dropped their latest EP: “How to Find True Love and Happiness” and it has made my cold black heart beat again! Seriously…I might be open to love and marriage just so I can play “Love Ya!” at my wedding.

Admittedly, Hyukoh can do no wrong with me. They have consistently turned out music that goes into rotation on my daily playlist and never gets switched out (that’s Texan for changed). The “Love Ya!” single is just so very charming and lovely lyrically with talk of loving the “quiet moments”, existential conversations with the age old “what would you do if” line of questioning to which the reply is basically…I know you’re capable and don’t need to be rescued. Then there are the lyrics that were a direct hit in all of my feels…”You’re like me and I’m like you, what you’re thinking right now, it’s always the same as me that’s why I’m so in love.” Seriously Oh Hyuk…You’re killin’ me! The music video that accompanies it is such a beautiful testament to love in all its forms. Check it out and and buy the EP. You’re gonna want this one in your library.

The Music:





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