Cy Recommends — Year of the Ox (YOX)

As everyone here knows I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for one Dumbfouneaded. His unabashed honesty and undeniable ability to build a story with ferocious lyricism are attributes of his style that I thought were unmatched.

Oh, how wrong I was. So… so very wrong.

Year of the Ox came on my radar via Dummy and his penchant for crazy bars. If I’m being honest, the duo’s name is what intrigued me. It’s powerful, you gotta agree. So when I came across “Stampede,” it was like being slapped in the face with spiked brass knuckles.

Lyricks and JL have flow and bars for CENTURIES! It’s hard to even put into words what these cats do when they jump on a beat. It doesn’t take much. Honestly, they could spit with no support and completely obliterate the air between them. Dummy is without a doubt one of my top battle rappers of all time, someone who made the transition to bona fide artist with very few growing pains.


Year of the Ox is a new breed of lyrical genius and ingenuity that’s like a trunkload of C-4 to the skull. Seeing the duo live adds to the delirium. Their stage presence is damn near disrespectful — all swagger and a confidence that could just ruin your entire day. Make no mistake, these men let their skill do the talking, and it doesn’t speak… it roars!

If you’ve not had a chance to experience YOX, take a minute to enhance your quality of life.

You can find Year of the Ox on:


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