SPACECOWBOY Returns with Moody Track “Rain”

As you all recently found out, I’ve got an immense amount of love and adoration for SPACECOWBOY. His brand of electronica is more than just the sum of its parts, really. There’s always a story there, always something deeper nestling under the surface.

With his latest track, “Rain,” he bridges the gap between his electronic foundation and very moody, heartbreaking R&B.

Though only a lyric video, there’s something so incredibly profound about even the simplicity of that. moodin’s voice is as simple as the concept of a lyric video, but she infuses her verses with so much emotion you can’t help but feel yourself melting slowly into the lushness of it. Never mind I wasn’t at all expecting this kind of sound from SPACECOWBOY when I first saw that he was bringing us new music. “Rain” is as full of ambiance and serenity that I could just let it play all night, all day, and never leave the comforts of my bed.




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