Cy Recommends — SPACECOWBOY

No, it’s not the iconic Jamiroquai symbol I’m talking about — though truth be told that’s exactly why I actually began listening to this artist. No, Space Cowboy is an artist that penetrates the psyche with a brand of electronic music that isn’t exactly commonplace in Korea.

I came to SPACECOWBOY a little bit earlier in my discovery of Korea’s indie scene. Honestly, that early on, I couldn’t conceive of electronica coming from the country (foolish, I know). So when I stumbled upon a track called “Falling,” I was emotionally compromised in a way I hadn’t been since the first time I heard Big Phony.

SPACECOWBOY knows how to weave intricate narratives into very simple composition and lyrical construction. There are oftentimes only a few lines between the man himself and whomever he has on the track as a feature. Lyrics are repeated, entire tracks, even — multiple versions finding room on an album to tell two different sides of the same story. His mastery of storytelling through very subtle shifts in voice and narrative blew me away.

I am forever indebted to Big Phony for introducing me to the Korean indie scene. However, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to SPACECOWBOY for not only keeping me here, but expanding my understanding of what kind of music Korea is capable of.

You can find out more about Space Cowboy at:


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