Cy Recommends — Junoflo

We here at Rock N’ Seoul have a definite soft spot for the Feel Ghood Music’s little brother. As such, it’s no surprise that we’re all elated that he’s coming back for SXSW this year to reintroduce himself as one of the hottest MCs coming out of South Korea.

Though technically Korean-American, he’s managed to remain steadfastly in South Korea’s public consciousness since his two stints on international sensation Show Me the Money (for seasons five and six).

Juno’s verse on Feel Ghood’s tribute to ATCQ classic “Check the Rhime” had me in hysterics the first time I listened to it. I wasn’t at all ready for just how crazy this kid’s lyricism is. He’s got something of an old soul, if you will. His flow and delivery are very rooted in hip-hop’s origins, and his pen is incredibly sharp.

Seeing Juno at last year’s Korea Spotlight (formerly, K-pop Night Out) was… unexpected. Not because I didn’t know he was going to share the stage with all members of the Feel Ghood family. But because I wasn’t expecting him to be a cinnamon roll! (Try to be as “gangsta” as you want. If you’re a pure roll full of sweetness and light, that’s just how it is.) What was even more shocking to me was how powerful he is when he gets on the mic. I’d only ever heard him behind my computer screen (as it goes for most of the artists I adore), so getting a chance to experience his tight lyricism and even more impressive delivery was a blessing.

If you get a chance before he hits the state at South by, please check him out and get to know one of South Korean hip-hop’s sleeper hard-hitters.

You can find out more about Junoflo at:


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