Cy Recommends – Sleeq

Today’s recommendation came to me as a surprise. By chance I happened to be scrolling down my Twitter timeline. Lena at Hip Hop Korea posted a news release about this artist named Sleeq who was about to drop her new album COLOSSUS and had teased the playlist and first single. Then I came across the video for “Liquor,” featuring this ferociously gorgeous woman with tattoos literally dripping from her skin.

I was instantly in love.

It wasn’t just the visuals—hint hint: you want to get me invested, just find me a flawless woman with tattoos and I’m yours. Sleeq started to throw out lyrics like ammunition, and I just sat there slack-jawed and head-over-heels.

Sleeq’s unapologetic, fearless, and 100% not here for your bullshit. She challenges the pervasvie ideologies about women, in particular female MCs, in Korea. She’s loud and proud about her affiliations, proclaiming in her freestyle for YouTube series Mic Swagger, “I’m a fuckin’ feminist! Oh yeah, I said it. I’m hella feminist!” What continues to impress me, however, is always her skill. She can outflow, outwrite, and just about outwit anyone across a count of eight.

Digging deeper you’ll find Sleeq absolutely holds her own when she collaborates with other artists to create something truly spectacular. Her work with Don Malik (and the DAZE ALIVE collective), album Fommy Hiltiger, is lyrically insane. The depth and scope of the work Sleeq and Don Malik executed on that album left me reeling.

Don’t let her adorable personality fool you. Sleeq’s abilities were noticed on a large scale at this year’s Korean Hip Hop Awards. Colossus was recognized as the Underestimated Album of the Year. It’s no coincidence whatsoever. Find out for yourself why so many people in Korea’s hip-hop underground continue to give her respect.

You can find out more about Sleeq at:



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