Rebs Recommends-Lunch

When we decided to start this series, I immediately knew that my first recommendation was going to be Lunch (중식이밴드). I love everything about this band! I adore them and I don’t get to talk about them nearly enough.

If I remember correctly, it was the band No Brain, that led me to Lunch. I first listened to their music a couple of years ago after I started following frontman 정중식 on social media. This is one of those bands that I was completely sold on at first listen. Such dynamic musicianship coupled with the unique vocals, quirky style, and scintillating dance moves of 정중식. Lunch produces vibrant songs full of charisma that never fail to lift my spirits.

I spend a lot of time with “Die” by Lunch. This song has even been the ring tone on my phone for over a year now.

I mean…seriously…what’s not to love about these guys?

Still hungry? Find more Lunch here:






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