Shin In Ryu @ Rolling Hall

It’s always fascinating stumbling into an artist blind. Those of you who know me know I have a history of coming to an artist for the first time by accident. (*cough*DEAN*cough*) This phenomenon becomes even more heightened when I cover a music festival. More acutely when I manage to get to gigs outside of the … More Shin In Ryu @ Rolling Hall


Mir Recommends – Kisnue (키스누)

This week I came across KISNUE on Spotify. Shoutout to the Korean artists who upload their music on there despite Spotify’s per-stream royalties. Your international listeners, like myself, thank you. Kisnue is a pop retrowave duo comprised of singer-songwriter Song Eunsuk and Choi Sangil.  This past month the duo released their first EP Overpaint. Overpaint … More Mir Recommends – Kisnue (키스누)

[Out of the Box] TenTenko -After School Sympathy

Today’s Out of the Box feature is Japanese electronic artist Tentenko. She debuted as a solo artist in 2014 with her first EP Good Bye, Good Girl. Tentenko melds 80’s synth pop with a splash of J-Pop and hip-hop beats thrown in for good measure. Her latest single “After School Sympathy (放課後シンパシー)” is a peppy … More [Out of the Box] TenTenko -After School Sympathy