NINE9 Is Utterly Enchanting at Zandari Festa

NINE9, frontwoman of band Dear Cloud, was a revelation. Her flawless vocal technicality and stage presence was utterly breathtaking during Zandari Festa. … More NINE9 Is Utterly Enchanting at Zandari Festa

Mir Recommends – Kisnue (키스누)

This week I came across KISNUE on Spotify. Shoutout to the Korean artists who upload their music on there despite Spotify’s per-stream royalties. Your international listeners, like myself, thank you. Kisnue is a pop retrowave duo comprised of singer-songwriter Song Eunsuk and Choi Sangil.  This past month the duo released their first EP Overpaint. Overpaint … More Mir Recommends – Kisnue (키스누)