Jenna Recommends: Oriental Showcus

If you’ve been looking for a band with upbeat tunes, a positive attitude and plenty of spunk, you need look no further than Oriental Showcus.

I found them awhile ago, and it seemed to hit me at the exact right timing, because I had found myself in a musical rut and these guys pulled me right out of it. Their ingenious blend of ska, reggae and jazz brings a little something for every kind of music lover.

Vocalist Kim Ja-Young harkens back to an era of smooth crooners and brings a bit of nostalgia to the group. I can easily see my family liking Oriental Showcus, because they’re all a bit of jazz and doo-wop fans. Their sound is also reminiscent of the now defunct jazz / funk band Siberian Husky that I used to really love, so it’s nice to have something with a similar sound again.

Oriental Showcus is made up of vocalist Kim Ja-Young, Glory on saxophone, drummer Kim Ki-Won, Sambajan on bass, guitar player Jo Jin-Sung, with Ulla finishing up on keyboard & trombone.


You can find more information and follow Oriental Showcus on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

You can support the band by buying their music on iTunes and listening on Spotify.


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