[Out of the Box] TenTenko -After School Sympathy

Today’s Out of the Box feature is Japanese electronic artist Tentenko. She debuted as a solo artist in 2014 with her first EP Good Bye, Good Girl. Tentenko melds 80’s synth pop with a splash of J-Pop and hip-hop beats thrown in for good measure. Her latest single “After School Sympathy (放課後シンパシー)” is a peppy track that embodies Tentenko’s style.

Directed by Elliot Kenichiro (長尾謙一郎) the video perfectly compliments the poppy, staccato stylings of the track Tentenko has created. The bright colors and images help uplift the viewer, as they are lead onto feather-lite, electro pop cloud.


Tentenko is on Twitter & you can grab her music on iTunes now.


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