[Nostalgia Special] #7 – Apollo 18

As I’m counting down the last week to my first trip ever to Seoul. I have been thinking about the road that lead me to where I am today. I’ll admit right away, I had thought of starting this earlier, for each of the years I’ve been into the Korean scene, but time got away from me while I’ve been in full trip prep mode. So I’m counting down what I think are the 7 most influential artists to my personal musical journey. I’m going in semi-chronological order…so first (newest) up is Apollo 18.

If you’re unfamiliar with Apollo 18, they formed in 2008 with Kim Daeinn on bass, Choi Hyunseok on guitar and Lee Sangyun on drums. They put out their first EP in 2009, and I’m sure that’s when I found them. I don’t think I ever listened to a post-hardcore band before Apollo 18. And when I did, I believe I didn’t like them at first. It’s funny now to admit that. But I hadn’t experienced this type of music before, at least not voluntarily or listening consciously. I kept listening tho, because something intrigued me about it. Over time I learned to love Apollo 18. The music is gently fused to create melodies that are ponderous and haunting, and then loud and in your face, but never over the top or jaunting. It weaves in and out blending music with souls and its pure magic. Without Apollo 18 I wouldn’t have learned to love bands like Galaxy Express, Guten Birds, Asian Chairshot and countless others. I’ve been lead into a new era of music, and Apollo 18 was my guiding light.

At the moment, Apollo 18 is on a hiatus, but leader Daeinn is currently heading the project band PAKK, which is different from Apollo 18, but still reminiscent of his other style of music. I’m very much excited to see him play with PAKK next week at Zandari Festa. I hope you enjoy Apollo 18, and explore some of the wonders they have to offer, and keep your minds open to new genres of music.


Apollo 18’s music is still available for purchase on Bandcamp. And you can find out more about them on Facebook.

You can buy the EP for PAKK on iTunes. (They only released it as a cassette in physical form.)


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