Yoon Mi Rae – JamCome On Baby

What can one actually say about Queen T, a.k.a. Yoon Mi Rae? She’s pretty much well established as the Queen of Korean hip-hop and R&B. Her voice is flawless, her flow is undeniable. Everything about this woman is what many young black girls and even black women aspire to be: confident and fearless, yet humble and honest. Speaking on a personal level, there’s always something about her, about her music that speaks to me on a very personal level. I’ve respected her since her reaffirming single “Black Happiness” and have had my eyes and ears open to anything that may come from this brilliant artist every since.

Her latest single “JamCome On Baby” is truly beautiful. While the phonetic translation leans more toward a song that inspires movement, the Hangul itself loosely translates to “Wait a minute.” And here we see the brilliance of the track: while in the same breath as she’s asking that we get up and dance, she’s also telling us to take pause, wait a moment, don’t jump headfirst into the groove.

Thus the push and pull of the music itself and the disparate imagery in the MV. The simple stage with the stark black background emphasizes the movement of the piece. Everything is all wild explosions of dance and color. But the entire video is in stop-and-start slow motion, creating essentially moving art. Really there’s so much detail in the piece you simply have to watch it—then watch it again—and really delve yourself into the beauty in front of you.

A single album accompanied the MV’s release, so do yourself a favor and purchase this track and be prepared to get yourself lifted.


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