Zandari Festa Interview: Decadent

Sometimes you research an artist site unseen, and then your mind is instantly blown. This was definitely the case for us here at Rock ‘N Seoul. Decadent’s genre bending music effortlessly alternates from sensual crooning to jarring & eccentric shoegazing rock. Their live shows are bound to be a musical roller coaster. For now, we had the chance to chat with vocalist Jin Dong-Wook about their performance tonight in Seoul


We’d love to get an introduction to your band in your own words. Will you tell us who makes up your band, and how you describe your style of music?

We’re Decadent. We formed our band in May 2016, and we all know each other from attending the same high school. We sing about “extremely subjective beauty.” It means that we do the things that we like to do without worrying about genres and that we believe the things we do are beautiful. This can relate to every single part of our life along with the big voices inside of our throats that we couldn’t have shouted otherwise.


What does being invited to play at Zandari Festa 2017 mean to you?

We’ve wanted to play at Zandari Festa since we got together as a band. And everything that has happened to us in 2017 has been a miracle (like being chosen for Zandari Festa), and we hope that miracle goes on and on. To be honest, we want to earn the opportunity to stand on the other side of the world with our music and hope that we can do that through Zandari Festa.

What is the best part of Zandari Festa for you?

All sorts of music from all over the world being shared in the middle of Hongdae.


Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa this year?

I want to see Kimoki Fuckingmadness and Silica Gel.

What can people at Zandari Festa expect from your performance?

The unique and “extremely subjective beauty” that we were talking about. We’ll perform songs from our EP and also some songs that we don’t perform that much or maybe even a few that are new. We’re planning to not play the songs from our EP for a while after Zandari, so this is a good opportunity to hear them. We hope to see you there!

Decadent are playing Evan’s Lounge tonight, Saturday September 30, at 5:30 (17:30).

You can follow them on Facebook, find more information on the Zandari page, and buy their music (like I did!) on iTunes.

For those of us still in the states, PLEASE go and see them! We love them and want them to get a lot of attention.


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