Zandari Festa Interview: Mineri

It’s no secret that I love dirty, gutteral and simple garage rock. Therefore, when I found Mineri, it was love at first listen for me. There is a thrill listening to bands that play from the bones like Mineri does. There is no pretense or added effects, just pure emotion and rock and roll. I’m excited they were picked for Zandari this year, and had a chance to ask bassist Blair Lee a few questions before their performance tonight.

Who makes up your band?  How would you describe your style of music?

The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Lim Jung Kyu, drummer Choi Wookno, and I play bass. We’re an indie rock band with influences including The Velvet Underground, Pavement, the Pastels, Spaceman 3, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.


What does being invited to play at Zandari Festa 2017 mean to you?

We’re absolutely thrilled.

What’s the best part of Zandari Festa for you?

Seeing great acts, meeting many people, and drinking lots of free beer.

Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa this year?

We’d like to check out the different foreign bands coming. We want to see The Twistettes for sure.  And there’s this band from Madagascar, The Dizzy Brains, that sound intriguing.

What can people at Zandari Festa expect from your performance?

Loud and sweaty passion.

Mineri play Club Freebird, tonight, Saturday September 30th at 6:30 (18:30 – 19:30) so be sure to head out and catch their showcase!

You can stay up to date with the band on Facebook, learn more about them on the Zandari page, and buy some of their music on iTunes.


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