Zandari Festa Interview: HEO

So far 2017 has had some of the most remarkable music come out of South Korea. As the country’s stock rises worldwide, more and more artists are finding where they slot in, further realizing that their sound has a fanbase that’s eager to consume everything they have to offer. One of those bands was HEO, a two-piece that has all the sound and fury of a 20-piece orchestra. Actress was without a doubt one of the most amazing pieces of music to be released in the first half of the year. Getting to know the band through their own words was nothing short of a gift — an extra scoop of ice cream to go with the absolute decadence of the album. We spoke to HEO himself about what to expect during Zandari Festa.


We’d love to get an introduction to your band in your own words. Will you tell us who makes up your band, and how you describe your style of music?

Hello, HEO is a dream pop, post-rock and electronica duo based in Seoul. Ten years ago, HEO was a solo project for me, but in 2013 Boyeong helped with vocals and keyboards. Since then, HEO has been a duo. We play electronic music mixed with grungy guitars and hypnotic vocals.

What does being invited to play at Zandari Festa 2017 mean to you?

This is actually our first time to play at Zandari so we’re excited. It’s going to be great to be able to perform at the event and meet lots of new people.

What is the best part of Zandari Festa for you?

I’ve lived in Hongdae since 2004 and love that this festival takes place in my hometown.

Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa this year?

Many bands on the lineup are my friends, so I want to try and catch as many bands as possible.

What can people at Zandari Festa expect from your performance?

You can enjoy dark electronic rock music which is sometimes hard to see in Seoul

HEO will be performing at Evans Lounge on Saturday, September 30 from 20:30 (8:30PM) – 21:30 (9:30PM).

Find out more about the band on their official website and their Facebook page as well as their Zandari Festa page. Please check out their music on iTunes.


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