Zandari Festa Interview: Phonebooth

One of the first bands I actually explored in my early days of Korean indie was Phonebooth. I was completely blown away with their sound — so full, so powerful. Theirs is a sound that sneaks up on you and takes your breath away if you’re not ready for it. Flowers on the Wave was one of the most intense songs I’d heard out of Korea at that time (back when all my indie was coming from Mirrorball Music’s YouTube channel), and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to hear that they’re making their way to Zandari. Luckily, leader Laser Hong took a few moments to answer some questions for us ahead of their performance!


We’d love to get an introduction to your band in your own words. Will you tell us who makes up your band, and how you describe your style of music?

We’re the Korean rock band Phonebooth. There are five people in our band. I handle vocals, Taewoo and Sangmin play guitar, Han is on bass, and Minseok is our drummer. Our music is based on British rock ‘n’ roll music. We are always trying to make powerful and passionate performances for the public. Check us out. You’ll love what you hear and see!

What does being invited to play at Zandari Festa 2017 mean to you?

For us, Zandari is now like a national holiday. We can meet a lot of artists from all over the world and enjoy this great party with them.

What is the best part of Zandari Festa for you?

Many people come to our Seoul from all around the world and enjoy the festival together. These kinds of opportunities don’t come often here.   

Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa this year?

The Dizzy Brains and Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio

What can people at Zandari Festa expect from your performance?

Explosive energy, joy and happiness.

Phonebooth will be performing at K-art DDIMHALL on Friday, September 29 from 21:00 (9PM) – 22:00 (10PM).

You can find out more about the band on their official website and their Facebook page as well as their Zandari Festa page. Please check them out on their YouTube channel.


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