Zandari Festa Interview: In The Endless Zanhyang We Are

One of my favorite new bands from the Zandari lineup is the curiously named In The Endless Zanhyang We Are. They’re one of those bands that catch you off guard, and stun you with their music. The music is captivating, like a gentle tide rolling in, that crashes against the shore with an explosive percussion of sound and chaos.

We were able to have a few words with the band before they take Zandari by storm this weekend.

In The Endless

We’d love to get an introduction to your band in your own words. Will you tell us who makes up your band, and how you describe your style of music?

Dayoung: We often introduce our band as ‘slow dance’ because some people feel our music is so calm, slow, etc. But our music always has some moments like a huge flame that’s slow building but will soon explode. So we thought this was similar to dancing. We formed in April 2016 and I’m the person who made the band. I met some members at college and others were introduced to me by friends.

Some people describe our music as shoegaze or post-rock. But we just do things that are fun to us. So it doesn’t really matter how our music is described. As long as we’re having fun music, people can call it whatever they want.

What does being invited to play at Zandari Festa 2017 mean to you?

Haram: We played at the festival last year and it was a great opportunity for us because we had only been a band for a few months at that time. We’re so happy that we were invited again this year. Zandari is an event that gives us excitement and memories. I am looking forward to creating more memories this year.

What is the best part of Zandari Festa for you?

Geonseok: Getting to see so many performances from fantastic musicians from all over the world.

Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa this year?

Onewoo: I want to see SsingSsing because nowadays they are receiving attention from all over the world and have appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. I heard they play traditional fusion Korean music. So I’m curious about them.

What can people at Zandari Festa expect from your performance?

Seonghoon:  From our performance, you can feel the flexibility of our sound and have the feelings of anger, sadness, dream, and nature.

In The Endless Zanhyang We Are will be playing Evan’s Lounge at 21:30 to 22:30 (9:30-10:30)

You can find more about them on their Facebook page, hear about the showcase on the Zandari page and buy their music on iTunes. 


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