Cy Recommends – small-o

Okay, okay. To be fair this band hasn’t released an album since 2014’s The Temper of Water. However, the impact that album had on me still resonates.

small-o is most simply classified as folk/rock. But the truth of the matter is the breadth and scope of their musicality far exceeds categorization. They are, as I’ve come to understand and honestly believe, more or less a physical manifestation of the natural world. That is their sounds, themes, and the manner in which they approach composition is all relative to the environment they’re in—if lost in the woods, they deliver earthy richness; when surrounded by water, they submerge their sound as if drowning in water, suffocating on the cascading tide of a waterfall.

Really nothing I could say would truly capture just how brilliant small-o is. Mostly I’m recommending them because with enough people falling in love with the band’s music, perhaps we can influence them to release more music. I’m not 100 percent sure what they’ve been doing in the last couple years, but my hope is sometime in the future they’ll come back and bless us all with more of their aural divinity.

You can learn more about small-o at:
Fluxus Music YouTube


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