Cy Recommends – often

Leave it to those who run the ironically named WE LOVE KPOP YouTube channel to bring me another recommendation from the depths of Korean R&B. This week I stumble upon another piece of vocal loveliness in the form of singer often. After sifting through more of their offerings looking for something interesting, I happened upon track “i miss you.” Ladies and gents, I didn’t even put up a good fight.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a soft coo and something sweet wrapped around a clean vocal. often delivers all that and more, a voice that still clings to the traditions of smoky R&B, but has something emotional and malleable to the touch. It’s not as aggressive as some of his more well-known peers, but there’s nothing tentative about the scrape of his English as it grinds against the water-smoothness of his native Korean.

What also fascinates me about his music is just how attentive the production is. I say attentive because there seems to be a certain level of detail in the music that supersedes even the vocal, as if the focus is the song’s composition as opposed to the singer’s execution. And that just makes it all the more beautiful to me—leave the technicality in the details of the song while the voice is raw and full of honesty.

If you get a moment and want some truly soothing R&B to listen to, head over to often’s Soundcloud and wrap yourself in that man’s voice!

You can find out more about often at:


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