No Brain – You’re My Everything

Korean punk rock legends, No Brain just finished a quick stop in Dallas last weekend, and this week they’re gracing us with new music! The song in the video is off of their upcoming 20th Anniversary album. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years of No Brain already – I’ve been around for a little over half of their career. Honestly, I’ve never seen a band that is more universally loved than No Brain. They’re an instant conversation starter with anyone who is Korean or a Korean music enthusiast. You’ll also never meet a better group of guys – endlessly humble and kind, each one of them.

The video is pretty simple – it’s a walk down memory lane with the band, early footage from the good old days when the Hongdae music scene was growing into a healthy underground music scene, and No Brain was providing the fertilizer. I hope you enjoy this little piece of nostalgia as much as I do.


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