Big Phony – Hanging on a Thread

It’s finally the day we here at Rock ’N Seoul have been waiting for. Big Phony has released the first video from his latest (and first in-studio) self-titled album. Fans and backers of Big Phony have all been anticipating the video’s release—and his countdown of sorts to the big reveal only heightened the suspense! “Hanging on a Thread” is one of the songs that made a big impression on me when I first listened to the album, so it’s fair to say I was thrilled the same joy I noticed within the music itself is played out in all its ebullient glory in this MV.


Throughout the video all we see is people running: running away, running toward, running from or for. It’s just as the songs suggests—the breath it takes to push forward, the moment of exhalation, of dashing to a destination. And really no matter what the reason, the only thing anyone need do is “Get out of my way.” A beautiful video (written and directed with sincerity by An Rong Xu) to compliment an equally beautiful song.

Along with the leading single, Big Phony was released today and you can get it on Big Phony’s Bandcamp page or on iTunes. You can find Big Phony himself on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud, as well as his own website. Do yourself a favor and purchase this man’s album. You won’t be disappointed.


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