So when YouTube refrains from showing me a video with a content warning, I know I’m in for something pretty damn fantastic. Lo and behold, RIOT KIDZ! It’s always fun to find out what Korea considers 19+. Seems this band of misfits with their f-you attitude (with S.I.D.’s matching guitar) pushes just the right buttons to make the censors a wee bit squeamish. Which makes them just perfect for Rock ’n Seoul.


The video is simple—the band rocking hard in a presumably abandoned space. The architecture is actually beautifully rugged, just like the members themselves, and the lighting is bright, a perfect compliment to the energy of the music itself. Though punk has started to gain a little bit of ground in Korea, it’s certainly not a stretch to say these kids definitely break a number of stereotypes, especially regarding the Korean music industry.

RIOT KIDZ has been blessing fans with their brand of late-90s pop-punk for five years now. With their latest album My Last Holiday they’re set to make even more noise and steal your hearts (and possibly your pantaloons). Find out more about RIOT KIDZ on their Facebook and Naver pages. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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