[feature] 30 Korean Artists You Should Know (pt1/5)

Sinawe (록그룹)sinawe

Genre: metal, heavy metal, rock, alternative rock

Years active: 1983-1991, 1994-present

Associated acts: Seo Taiji, Bada Kim, Yim Jae Beom

In 1986, South Korea was introduced to metal, and their big inauguration was a smack in the face by none other than, Sinawe. Formed while leader Shin Dae-Chul was in high school, the band and their sound was empowered by the indignity that Dae-Chul felt after his father (previously mentioned, Godfather of Korean rock, Shin Jung Hyun) had been wrongfully imprisoned as a child. The lessons he eventually learned about guitar playing and song writing from one of the greatest minds in Korean music lead to a very talented new musician. Dae-Chul led the band in a successful career that has spanned decades. Together the rotating list of musicians (always lead by Shin Dae-Chul) brought metal to the small country and inspired an entire generation of young head bangers. Sinawe has been the first building block in the successful careers of many Korean artists, Kim Bada, Yim Jae-Beom and the infamous Seo Taiji are among the most well-known, of these artists. I think it’s safe to say that without the intelligence of Shin Dae-Chul the Korean industry would be a different place. Heavy metal musicians, hard rockers and metalcore all owe their beginnings to this man and his vision.

There is a vast array of music for Sinawe, but we’ll start you off with their humble beginnings back in 1986 when they were fresh and new and still had a lot to prove to the world.

You can download a large portion of the discography for Sinawe on iTunes too.



We hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of our 30 Korean Artists You Should Know series. We have a great line-up of musicians coming your way, and a lot more contemporary selection of music as well. Stick around till the end, where we’ll also be sharing a massive playlist with even more of our favorite tracks from these artists.

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