[feature] 30 Korean Artists You Should Know (pt1/5)


Deulgukhwa [들국화 (literally: Chrysanthemums]Deulgukhwa

Jeon In-kwon: Vocal, guitar
Choi Seong-won: Vocal, bass, synthesizer
Ju Chan-kwon (deceased): Drums

Genre: Rock

Associated Acts: Jeon In-kwon,

Years Active: 1980s -2000s


Debut: 1985

Disbanded: 2013

Deulgukhwa is highly revered as one of the most influential and legendary indie rock bands in Korean music history. Coming on the scene at a time when Korea was ruled by a military dictatorship, pop culture was highly censored, and all albums were required to have government approval before they were released. The band’s debut album, “Haengjin,” initiated a golden age in rock music and is considered, by many, to be the greatest rock album in K-pop history. The album was a breakthrough on the music scene at a time and was praised by music critics and the public alike. Deulgukhwa was not only a huge success at the time of their debut, but the catalog of music they have amassed over the past thirty years has also had a tremendous and lasting influence on ‘main stream’ Korean pop music. Deulgukhwa has influenced decades of music as well as generations of musicians.

You can find Deulgukhwa on US iTunes here.

In November 2015 CJ TuneUp released a tribute album entitled “들국화 30” featuring various artists who have been influenced by Deulgukhwa. You can also find that album on iTunes.

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