[feature] 30 Korean Artists You Should Know (pt1/5)

Sanullim (산울림)sanullim2

Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Electric Guitar

Associated Acts: Kim Chan-Wan Band

Years Active: 1977-2008


      Kim Chang-Wan, Leader, guitar, vocals.
      Kim Chang-Hyun, rhythm guitar, bass, keyboard
              Kim Chang-Ik, drums

Sanullim is one of the earliest iconic bands’ to come out of South Korea. Formed in 1977 for a university competition, the three Kim brothers named their band Mui, and performed to great fanfare. After this unexpected highly positive reaction to their pet band, the trio decided to take their band to the professional level and started shopping for labels. They landed a quick deal, but were encouraged to change their name from Mui to Sanullim (Which translates roughly to “Mountain Echo”.) After this, Sanullim started to perform on national television and garnered more attention from fans across the country. Over the next three decades Sanullim became a household name in music, and the brothers enjoyed great success.

The band was still active until 2008, when Kim Chang Ik passed away in a tragic accident in his home of Vancouver, Canada. The remaining brothers, Chang-Wan and Chang-Hyun couldn’t conceive of going on without their brother, and disbanded the group after a memorial performance, and then a release of their greatest hits. Chang-Hyun has retired to spend time with his family in the US, while many readers might recognize the smiling gentlemanly face of Chang-Wan from Korean dramas such as Coffee Prince or My Love From Another Star. He is also still making music under the moniker “Kim Chang-Wan Band” that has released one full length album, and a handful of EP’s. Chang-wan has produced songs for film, television and other Korean artists, most recently working with popular young star IU. He is also an established author, with 9 books under his belt. Whether you’re a fan from a long time ago, or you know Chang-Wan from dramas, it’s hard to ignore the contributions to the musical history of Korea that Sanullim have made.

A few years back they released remastered versions of the entire Sanullim catalog and the are all available over on iTunes.

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