Zandari Festa ’19 – First Line-Up

It’s our teams favorite time of year again – Zandari Festa has started to release their line-up for the 2019 festival. We’ve got 3 of the 4 of our writers heading over to Korea to witness everything in person, so you can be sure to see our coverage filling your timeline for the next couple of months. This is the best place to keep up with the line-ups, who to see, and of course, our favorite: loads of interviews!

We have 30 Korean acts and 20 acts from around the world announced to be playing the festival, which takes place September 26th through the 29 in Hongdae, Seoul.




We’ll be posting our picks for Zandari coming up soon, but we hope that you enjoy our Spotify playlist to familiarize yourselves with the acts playing.

Who do you want to see? Are any of your favorites on the list?


You can buy tickets now at a discounted price of $88,000 won. (just shy of $90usd)

(My top three I’m excited for so far are Wings of the Isang, April 2nd & Airy.)


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