[Review] The KOXX – Red EP

As soon as I heard that The KOXX were releasing new material I was waiting with baited breath to hear what they had come up with next. While I was a little dissapointed they only released a 4 track EP. Despite the brevity of Red, it manages to pack a powerful punch to the musical solar plexus.

We start off Red with a dance inducing track in #lol. From the sound of the lyrics, Hyunsong is receiving mixed signals from a lover. Someone leaves him flowers & letters saying “Ti Amo” but his buddies say “She doesn’t love you.” Between this push and pull of love lorn angst, we get a bass line that surpasses catchy and becomes downright insistent. First time I listened to the EP I repeated that song 5 times. It’s exceptionally rare for me to be that in love with a song immediately. The immediacy of how fast this song makes me want to dance is only parallel to one other track in my musical collection – The KOXXs’ previous hit By The Way. But I think #lol has won the battle of the jams, and just may be my favorite song of the summer.

Moving on to 부르튼 Blister , the lead single of the EP, we get back to the signature sound of The KOXX, a beautiful blend of 80’s style synth pop rock and with a dash of Korean flavor. I think the melding of genres and a throwback feel to new wave and the 80’s are one of the best parts of The KOXX. The video for 부르튼 Blister is as fun as all of their videos usually are.


Here’s a funny bonus video of the band performing #lol while Hyunsong plays a video game.


1) #lol
2) 부르튼 Blister
3) Zero
4) grey


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