Zandari Festa: Playlists

Here we are again, just about a week out from the start of 2017’s Zandari Festa, and the Rock ‘N Seoul team is cranking out a bunch of interviews and content about the biggest and best showcase festival in Korea.

We’ve carefully curated a playlist on YouTube for the Korean musicians that are playing Zandari this year – and if you are lucky enough to get to attend, you are in for a hell of a festival.

Be remember to be strategic in your festival planning. Chart out your venues ahead of time. If you have been lucky enough to see someone before, and they aren’t your absolute favorite, make the hard choice and check out someone new. Be sure to leave time for the opening & closing parties – there are always surprise artists you can maybe catch at that time and not during the main festival hours. There are a couple of sporadic day shows too, so you might be able to double your efforts and find some artists there.  Be sure to check out the Facebook page for Zandari, talk to people while you’re there and follow any artists you know on their social media. You can find out about more shows, or any changes in showtimes that way.

And to get you started on who to see, we’ve created a YouTube playlist with a song from each artist. For these, we tried to find high quality live videos of the bands so you can get an idea of what to expect for the real thing next weekend.

We also compiled a list of every album or single we could find from as many of the artists that are on Spotify as possible. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can check that one out. It has over 800 songs on there, so you can shuffle and listen for days. I’m actually pretty personally impressed that there are so many Korean musicians on Spotify nowadays.

We hope you enjoy all of the music and can look forward to Zandari Festa with a little more knowledge in your pocket now!


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