Cy Recommends – LotUs

This week’s recommendation comes by way of indie music standby Mirrorball Music. Though I wasn’t searching for piano music at that particular moment, my eye almost always instantly locks on to anything purporting to have elements of the classical. So imagine my surprise when I come across this coquettish gentleman named LotUs, all soft features and pastel colors, and the release of his next album Will-o the WISP. I expected something more… delicate, quieter. Certainly nothing of the wildness I got when I dug just a little deeper.

A musician cut from the same textured cloth of another of my favorite artists, Sima Kim. However, unlike Sima, who breaks down each note to uncover and exploit the whispers in the corners, LotUs breaks into a song’s molecular structure and explores the louder angles of its makeup.

Self-indulgent and bombastic, his music is everything the piano was created for—triumph, arrogance, opulence. Yet there’s undeniable tenderness in the largeness. While some use loudness and sweeping production to attempt to bolster (or hide) a less than stellar composition, LotUs quite obviously has a deft touch. There’s structure and care in his execution, honesty and experimentation. He takes all aspects of his craft, stretching the surrounding music over the delicate shape of the piano’s notes to give listeners something truly spectacular.

It’s not often I’m just so overwhelmed by Korean music, but LotUs has managed to seep into my senses to both soothe my nerves and heighten my awareness.

You can find out more about LoTuS on:


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