Victim Mentality Invade Austin Again!

South Korea’s resident heavy metal bad boys are headed back to Austin for South By Southwest 2016!


Victim Mentality took SXSW by storm in 2015 fully catching the attention of the international music scene. This year they’re back with a few surprises and a brand new single! We had a chance to ask frontman, Krocodile, a few questions about coming back to Austin for a second year in a row. He had some very interesting and unexpected answers for us.

When asked what he wanted to do first upon his arrival in Austin, Krocodile’s response was “Maybe look for romance and new love?” So there you have it ladies. He’s available and in search of a spring romance! We know that the demand to fill the position will be fierce. I will attempt to get him to elaborate in a future interview, but I think that it’s safe to say hip hop heads need not apply.

I always like to know what foods international artists are most excited to try once they get to Austin, we have a lot to choose from. Krocodile  is looking forward to eating some ribs. He specifically had this to say, “I’d like to eat seasoned ribs, which are a traditional Korean food.  The Korean food in America is awesome!” I’ll have to ask him where he’s getting this awesome Korean American food. I think I can get him to give up the secret.

I also brought to his attention the fact that Texas days can get very hot, and I wondered what he will drink when he gets thirsty, to which he responded “Hmm…maybe honey water?” I think that honey water sounds very refreshing! It is probably also good for that amazing voice! Excelent choice Sir!

I was also wondering what Krocodile might be doing and seeing during all of his time between performances. There is a lot going on during SXSW.  He says “I would like to get ideas for a new business from seeing all the promising products from small businesses at the SXSW conference.  I’m also interested in possibly investing in a promising company.” Smart boy! No late night after parties for this young man. He has his sights set on business and investment opportunities.

As for what to expect from Victim Mentality’s performances, Krocodile says “I think people will fall in love with us during our performances at the festival!  I hope we can meet many of you at SXSW ’16!”
I’m ready to fall in love with Victim Mentality all over again. Come along with me everyone!

Check out Victim Mentality live in Austin this week!

Wednesday, March 16th at the Belmont. (As part of K-Pop Night Out)

Saturday, March 19th at Maggie Mae‘s (As part of the V-Rox Showcase)

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