Kickstart The Next Big Phony Album!

The melancholy, and often self-deprecating singer-songwriter Big Phony has just set up a Kickstarter project to help fund his next album!

Bobby Choy (the man beneath the paper bag), is not only one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, he also creates music that is in continuous rotation on my playlist. His thoughtful lyrics and soothing vocals are the perfect combination to evoke all sorts of feels.

In the past, Bobby has done all of his recording in a DIY lo-fi style (sometimes from his bedroom and bathroom) which you can check out on Soundcloud. After more than ten years of songwriting and performing, as well as putting out all of his previous albums without the support of a music label, Bobby is now ready to get into an actual studio to record his sixth full-length album.

In order to record his first full-length studio album with hi-fi gear, he has initiated a two week Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $12,000, the funds necessary for things like renting studio time, hiring studio musicians, paying a producer as well as for mixing, mastering, and CD replication. Bobby has a detailed plan and breakdown on how the funds will all be spent. Every little bit counts and there are some pretty cool rewards that come along with your pledge.

Head over to Kickstarter now and back this project! I did! With a catalogue of over seventy songs to choose from for this album, it is sure to be an instant favorite.

Find Big Phony being sociable in the following places:




Check out the music here:








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