R&B Artist JUNNY Gifts Fans With Pre-Release “Thank You”

Vancouver, B.C. Dec.1, 2018JUNNY is releasing a brand-new single from his upcoming album in collaboration yet again with producer/crew mate, Holymoley!. As they put their finishing touches to the album, the singer-songwriter decided to release “Thank You” as a single release for the listeners to know what is bound to come.

“Thank You”

After releasing “Patience” less than a month ago, JUNNY is releasing “Thank You” as a sign of love and appreciation to his friends, family and mostly his fans. The lyrics also explain his hardships as a musician and the doubt and fear that he has overcome to get to where he is. The track consists of a simple but catchy melody which really focuses on his true feelings toward the people who have believed in him. After this release, JUNNY will be mainly focused on finishing up his album, which includes the single “Thank You” and the previous drop, “Patience,” which is available on all streaming platforms.

You can pre-save the track on Spotify here.

Upcoming Album

After his trip to his home country and traveling across the world, JUNNY is now ready to put out his latest work that he has been working on for a very long time. Learning from his past experiences, he is yet again giving everything he has to offer into his next upcoming album, which will be released in early 2019. People can expect nothing but an emotional ride that portrays the journey of JUNNY’s 22-year life from tracks that are full-out hip-hop, pushing the trend of Korean/Western R&B, to tracks that can reach out to a much broader audience; making it an all-around album that can reach further listeners than he has ever reached before.

“Thank You” will be released on all platforms on Dec. 21, 2018!

JUNNY is a 22-year-old performing artist, songwriter/ producer born in Seoul, and raised in Vancouver, B.C. The singer-songwriter has a broad spectrum of music taste, influenced by ’90s Korean soul/ballads, all the way to Western rock, hip-hop & mainstream pop. From his solo and collaborative releases, JUNNY has been featured on many of YouTube’s music community channels such as WELOVEKPOP & dynmk, averaging over 50k views, and has charted on iTunes across Asia, North America and Europe in both K-Pop & R&B/Soul genre. He is also featured on many of the Official Spotify playlists, which has given him over 1 million plays on Spotify alone, averaging over 50k listeners a month. JUNNY is constantly in the works to bring music that represents East and Western R&B genres, respectively, within the two cultures, and It’s only a matter of time for the Korean-Canadian artist to cement his name in the industry.

You can learn more about JUNNY on:
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