Jenna Recommends: J.Knife

Jumping back in the recommendation saddle, I’m ready to start sharing some of what I’ve been listening to lately.

I first heard j.knife on the Sounds of The Korean Underground show hosted by my friend, Shawn. And when he said that the artist was only 14, I could hardly believe it. There is a gentle expressive maturity to her music that captures the listener and holds their attention. The quiet melodies are enchanting and inquisitive. I find her approach to creating music refreshing. She only has a few singles out at the moment, but she’s gaining fans, and the attention of a few hardcore indie enthusiasts.


I can’t wait to see what this budding songstress comes up with next. I think that her lo-fi approach to music has an authenticity to it that I don’t hear from many musicians today.

You can catch her music on her Bandcamp for now. And I’ll update if we hear more from j.knife.


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