Cy Recommends – C I E N

Very rarely do we give much credit to the producers who make some of the waviest R&B coming out of South Korea what it is. While there’s a good percentage of the artists who handle their own production, there are still more who fly under the radar as the listening public sets their sights on the man or woman in front. However, while the vocalist may be the face a track or album, the producer is the meat and bones.

C I E N has made herself known as a premier producer among the rising stars of indie R&B, including one of Jenna’s recommendations, R&B vocalist YESEO, as well as creating music for W Korea.

It’s no surprise I came across C I E N’s stellar production from my new favorite YouTube channel: WE LOVE KPOP. They seem to have a direct connection all the things that sing to me. C I E N’s brand of lo-fi is liquid, as if she’s created a landscape on which anyone curious enough to explore can swim in her sounds. I just can’t get enough. Though the work she does have out there for consumption is somewhat limited, I’m hoping in the future we can get more of her starlight milky production.

Please check out more of C I E N’s music, including her Swim EP, which was released on label NDYD (New Disco Your Disco) Records:


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