Cy Recommends – Bevy Maco

Hello, everyone. I’d like to introduce you to Bevy Maco. Some of you may already know this R&B crooner; however, if you’re just now getting into all the R&B South Korea has to offer, you may have missed this one.

Bevy Maco came to me after I was perusing YouTube for some new sounds to fall into. A YouTube channel, ironically called “WE LOVE KPOP,” showed up in my recommended channels, and I decided, what the heck! I’d never heard of any of the songs recommended, so I gave them a shot. I heard track “So Faded” and… *cue explosions*

The man’s voice is smooth as silk, and his production just gets me wavy in ways that very few artists have done lately. And the rest of his discography is even better.

Get ye over to Bevy Maco’s Soundcloud and experience his hazy, sensual groove for yourself. I promise if you’re in the mood for some candle-drip sexy R&B, Bevy Maco is definitely the artist for you.

Find out more about him at:
YouTube: (WE LOVE KPOP; danielionsmusic)


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