[Nostalgia Special] #3 – Dr. Core 911

I’m pretty sure that Dr. Core 911 is the first Korean band I ever heard. They were a guest on a CD I found really early on in my K-Music days. And it took me years to find them again. As I’ve said, in my previous article, it was hard to find music back then, and I didn’t know the Korean alphabet or have anyway to type them in. I didn’t really know who they were for a long time.

But one day I was exploring new music online and found them by listening to a track that was streaming and I was so excited to finally know who they were. The I was able to find all of their current discograpy and then I was around for a few years while they were still together. I was devastated when they broke up. They were my first Korean rock band. They were my first time really getting into Nu Metal. And I hadn’t really heard anyone rapping during a rock song before. I’m sure American bands were doing it, I just had already started basically ignoring the US market at that point.

Dr. Core 911 re-shaped what I thought of metal. I used to just think all metal was yelling. I hated it. But these guys mixed so much into it, that it was easier for me to get attached to. I loved everything about it. It was great music to listen to when you were angry, or down. Because you can’t really stay depressed when listening to Dr. Core 911 – at least I couldn’t.


After they broke up, most of the members disappeared (Moon, the vocalist is a preacher nowadays..haha) but Devin, the guitarist towards the end of their reign is still really active in the music scene. He’s part of the band ICON with Noh Minwoo (whenever they’re active..), he was part of OK PUNK, and also has starred in a bunch of musicals in Korea. He lurks around the scene quite a bit actually. G-Ru & Junny who did a lot of the rapping and back-up vocals formed a hip-hop duo called EZ-Rider for awhile and released a full length album in 2010 called Bold Brother. I haven’t really heard from them since then.

You can purchase their music on iTunes, but since they broke up before the major blow up in Twitter & Facebook as band platforms, there’s no where really for you to follow them.


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